Roger Brown and Jerry Cerasini live on a small farm in Alpharetta, Georgia. Roger has owned the property for 41 years, and we have been breeding, raising and showing horses and ponies and dachshunds for several years now. In the most general of terms, Roger is the “horse person” and Jerry is the “dog person,” but we both are involved in both sports to some extent.

Roger has been extremely involved with horses since a very young age. He teaches lessons almost every day, takes students to shows, both local and “A” rated show, trains horses, breeds occasionally, and judges some local shows. Brownwood Farm also puts on eleven local, Georgia Hunter Jumper Association rated horse shows a year, as well as manages one benefit show for St David’s Men’s Club.

Roger is a member of the United States Equestrian Federation and a lifetime member of the Georgia Hunter Jumper Association, where he serves on the Board of Directors. We are both members of the Atlanta Kennel Club, where Jerry serves on the Board of Directors. Both of us belong to the Dachshund Club of Metropolitan Atlanta, Cumberland Valley Dachshund Club, Dachshund Club of America, and the North Georgia Hound Association. We are very active and have held various offices in these clubs.

If you are interested in purchasing a dog or a horse or in pursuing horseback riding lessons, we encourage you to visit us at the farm. Our numbers are listed here on the site, and we will arrange an appointment with you. Please contact us at our phone numbers or email which are listed on this site.