In 1998 we bought our first dachshund “RahRah”, a mini wirehaired dog. He was just a pet, not breeding stock, but we loved him and his personality so much we thought we would like to try to breed miniature wirehaired show dogs. That was the start of a very big change in our lives. We found that we really loved the breed and enjoyed the sport of dogs very much.

In 2002 our first standard smooth dachshund, “CH Laddland Wings of Love SS,” came into our lives. We called her “Me Me.” She was a beautiful girl and went on to win the variety at the Dachshund Club of America National Specialty show, and then went Best of Variety at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in 2003. At this point we were hooked, and there was no turning back.

Since that time we have been breeding and showing both miniature wirehaired and standard smooth dachshunds, and enjoying that activity tremendously. We breed to produce a better dachshund and to have dogs to exhibit in the show ring. In this process, of course, all the dogs do not have what it takes to excel in the show ring, but we do pride ourselves in breeding dogs with great temperaments that are wonderful companion animals.

If you are looking for a pet, please don’t rule out show breeders as a choice for getting a great pet at a reasonable price. We are trying to raise dogs without health issues but with great temperaments. We go to great lengths to try to do everything we can to breed for these traits. There is certainly expense involved in this effort, but we do realize that this is a hobby for us, and like any hobby, we incur some expense. Because we are not trying to make a living raising dogs, we don’t pass all this expense on to our buyers. We think you will find prices with legitimate breeders to be very much in line with or less than many of the other avenues you may search to find a great quality puppy.

We have been influenced by many of the best people in the world of dachshunds. I would like to use some space on this site to highlight some of these people, but for now let us thank all of my friends in dogs who have helped us along the way. I know you know who you are.